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We are the white-collar work force. The millions of feet that march into the world’s offices each day and make shit happen. We are not country-specific, age-specific, gender-specific or industry-specific. We come from all sectors – commerce, manufacturing, technology, resources, services. We come from all walks of life.

We write about our experiences and our lessons as we navigate our way along our tortuous career paths. We cover everything from leadership, engineering, business, technology and sustainability through to corporate bullshit and the basics of what it means to be a human surviving in the corporate world. We cover problems, gripes, issues, hot topics, rants and unsolvable multi-dimensional conundrums. We offer constructive solutions, advice and insights into why everything would be better if we were in charge.

Our style is light-hearted, to-the-point, occasionally blunt, occasionally emotional, occasionally over-dramatic and typically laced with dry humour. Our intent is to be relatable, relevant and constructive. To connect with like-minded readers. To gain solace in the fact that we are not alone in enduring incompetence, monthly-reporting, IT issues, uninspiring leaders, bad fashion and bad coffee. We want to harness good lessons from bad situations.

The layout of this site is atypical. There is no index page. It is not a blog. We encourage sharing. Sharing of our articles and sharing of things in general.

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